It appears that the death of Billy Graham has brought out a type of worldwide idolatry masked under the guise of appreciation. I won’t speak to Graham but I have to speak to the matter most disturbing relating to the authority of what Scripture teaches. If one holds to the sufficiency and efficacy of Scripture as the arbiter of truth, the full revelation of God, and the place by which they find the gospel of grace, then I must object to this overwhelming bandwagon of foolishness concerning “other” means of salvation. Scripture teaches that God’s word is profitable for teaching, that it is the message of the cross of Christ and His atonement (that is the gospel), that it is the Power of God unto salvation, and that those who do not hold to its authority and message are condemned already because they do not believe on the Son of God.

Paul teaches in Romans that God uses the preaching of the gospel by the power of Spirit in order to bring regeneration and that no man can come to trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ without this working of the Spirit. The point being that if Scripture teaches this and so many who profess to be “in Christ” are refuting this in favor of a kinder, more gracious God who would not “condemn” a man because of his lack of hearing, then to what end are we able to believe in any portion of Scripture?

We must hold the full Witness of God through the Scripture to which we would all do well to pay attention. Even the personal testimonies of the Apostles were not the authority of the revelation and message of Jesus Christ. Peter tells the church to listen to the Scriptures through which God will save them and secure them. Paul tells Timothy that the Word of God is able to make one wise and the means of salvation. What a glorious truth! Listen to the word of God, listen to the Scriptures and reject anyone who tells you that there is salvation found through any other medium!

What a delight I have in my soul this evening while trolling through some of the sermons of our beloved brother CH Spurgeon.  In defense of the call to the question, “Who is it that condemns?” Paul expressly answers, “IT is Christ that died.”  How amazing, how divine, that our hope rests in NOTHING except the Gospel of God through Jesus Christ. While I have much to say, it is well fitting to allow a few excerpts to the introduction of the matter by Spurgeon.

Praise our Lord!

I want you to notice that Paul does not even rest his confidence as to the believers’ safety upon the fact that they are able to say, “We have trusted in Christ; we have loved Christ; we have served Christ.” He allows nothing to mar the glory of this one blessed fact, “It is Christ that died.” If he adds anything at all, it is still something about that same Christ—”yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.”
    This is a subject upon which I delight to speak; for here is all my hope and confidence. In these words I see first, a challenge to all comers: “Who is he that condemneth?” Secondly, I see here, a remedy for all sin. If any take up the gage of battle, and say, “We condemn you,” we shall have this for our complete answer to every one, “It is Christ that died.” And lastly, I see here, an answer to every accusation arising from sin. “Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died.”

Enough said for sure, Amen. I pray all our voices would ring true to the word of God and that the mundane vomit of parenthetical waste would be stricken from our tongues. Let God’s men breathe God’s word!

For His Glory by His Grace,

Pastor James

child with bible handsSomeone stumbled upon the short post I published in 2006 after the baptism of my second daughter Grace, who at the time was five.  Reading through it gave me moment of pause, first of gratitude for God’s grace in the matter of the salvation of my children and second, in the manner in which I place my trust in Christ, both for that and my own salvation.  It was a good reminder that while my children are born again to their own confession, it is my responsibility to continue to grow them in the Lord and that one day, God will bring full fruit to His redemptive work in every aspect of their lives as He is continuing to do in mine.  In reflection I was reminded by the Lord of Spurgeon’s sermon from March 6, 1890 about the simplicity of Salvation and its divine ineffability.  As I read it again today I was reminded of how often we Evangelicals stab to death the processes and procedures of salvation making them an idol while either downplaying man’s belief and God’s gift of faith.  The two passionately collide into a symphony of praise to the glorious Grace of God our Father through the Lord Jesus Christ.  I now share it with all of you.  Read well and pray better.

Pastor James

N. 2259 – C.H. Spurgeon Metropolitan Tabernacle 3/16/1890

“He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”—John 1:11-13.

Continue reading “The Simplicity and Sublimity of Salvation”

“Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord” — ACTS 3:19.

WHAT A PITY it is that modem preachers attend no more to the method those took who were first inspired by the Holy Ghost, in preaching Jesus Christ! The success they were honored with, gave a sanction to their manner of preaching, and the divine authority of their discourses, and energy of their elocution, one would think, should have more weight with those that are called to dispense the gospel, than all modern schemes whatever. If this was the case, ministers would then learn first to sow, and then to reap; they would endeavour to plough up the fallow ground, and thereby prepare the people for God’s raining down blessings upon them.

Thus Peter preached when under a divine influence, as I mentioned last Wednesday night: he charged the audience home, though many of them were learned and high and great, with having been the murderers of the Son of God. No doubt but the charge entered deep into their conscience, and that faithful monitor beginning to give them a proper sense of themselves, the apostle lets them know that great as their sin was, it was not unpardonable; that though they had been concerned in the horrid crime of murdering the Lord of Life, notwithstanding they had thereby incurred the penalty of eternal death, yet there was a mercy for them, the way to which he points out in the text; “Repent ye therefore,” says he, “and be converted,” and adds, “that your sins may be blotted out.” Though they are but few words, they are weighty; a short sentence this, but sweet: may God make it a blessed sweetness to every one of your hearts!

But must we preach conversion to a professing people? Some of you perhaps are ready to say go to America; go among the savages and preach repentance and conversion there; or, if you must be a field preacher, go to the highways and hedges; go to the colliers; go ramble up and down, as you used to do, preach conversion to the drunkards: would to God my commission might be renewed, that I might have strength and spirit to take the advice!

Possibly others will say, do not preach it to us; pray who are you? I answer, one sent to call you to repentance; and although I might, yet I will not come so close to you at present, as to inquire in my turn, who are you; yet permit me to pray, that while I am preaching God’s Spirit may find you out; and not only let you know who you are, but what you are; and then you will not be easy with yourselves, nor angry with a minister of Jesus Christ for preaching conversion to your souls.

Repentance and conversion are nearly the same. The expression in the text is complex, and seems to include both what goes before and follows “turning to God”: and if the Lord is pleased to honor me so far tonight to be useful to sinners, as well as saints, I will endeavour to shew you,

First, what it is not to be converted; secondly, what it is to be truly converted: thirdly, offer some motives why you should repent and be converted: and fourthly, answer some objections that have been made against persons repenting and being converted, and yet at the same time, if you come and examine them, they know not so much as speculatively what real conversion is; the general notion many have of it is, a person’s being a convert from the Church of Rome to the Church of England.

There is a particular office in the large prayer book, to be used when any one publicly renounces popery in the great congregation. When this is done, that prayer read, and the person said Amen to the collects upon the occasion, every body wishes him joy, and thanks God he is converted; whereas, if this is all, he is- as much unconverted to God as ever; he has in words renounced popery, but never took leave of the sins of his heart. Well, after this he looks into the church, and does not like that white thing called a surplice; he looks, and thinks there are some rags of the whore of Babylon left still: now, says he, I will be converted; how? I will turn Dissenter: so after he is converted from the Church of Rome to the Church of England, he goes to the dissenting church: maybe, curiosity may bring him to the Methodists, those monstrous troublesome creatures, and, perhaps, he may then be converted a third time, like their preaching, like their singing; O dear, I must have a Tabernacle-ticket, I must have a Psalm-book, I will come as often as there is preaching, or at least as often as I can; and there he sits down, and becomes an outside converted Methodist, as demure as possible: this is going a prodigious way, and yet all this is conversion from one party only to another. If the minister gives a rub or two he will take miff perhaps, and be converted to some other persuasion, and all the while Jesus Christ is left unthought of; but this is conversion only from party to party, not real, and that which will bring a soul to heaven.

Possibly, a person may go further, and be converted from one set of principles to another; he may, for instance, be born an Arminian, which all men naturally are; and one reason why I think Calvinism right, is, because proud nature will not stoop to be saved by grace. You that are brought up in an orthodox belief, under an orthodox ministry, cannot easily make an allowance for thousands that have nothing ringing in their ears but Arminianism; you have sucked in orthodoxy with your mother’s milk, and that makes so many sour and severe professors. I knew a rigid man that would beat Christianity into his wife; and so many beat people with their Bibles, that they are likely, by their bitter proceeding, to hinder them from attending to the means God has designed for conversion. What is this but being converted from one set of principles to another; and I may be very zealous for them, without being transformed by them into the image of God.

But some go further, they think they are converted because they are reformed: they say, “a reformed rake makes a good husband,” but I think a renewed rake will make a better. Reformation is not renovation: I may have the outside of the platter washed; Continue reading “Repentance and Conversion | George Whitfield”

We hosted this panel in California and Dr.s Dalcour and Downing give a wonderful exposition on this text.  Please watch and listen several times.  We’ve posted this also on the church site, feel free to share it.


What John 3:16 Really Says

“Dr. Downing”

A literal translation Continue reading “What John 3:16 Really Says…”

Today has been a hard day already. I find a homeless woman this morning eating out of the trash and trying to find pennies on the ground that she might buy herself food. The brokenness by God’s Holy Spirit over this woman’s condition was more than I could bear. I quickly went into a local restaurant, bought a gift card and gave it to her before she left the area. On the way home from taking the children to school, I received an email that gave the grave news of a dear life-long friend of the family who is terminal. There are not words to express the pain of knowing and seeing suffering in this life, but there are even fewer words and feelings and ways to express the pain of knowing that those who are hungry and sick need much more than food and healing.

Something that God has truly been showing me is that a dead man has no control over his life, he’s dead. In the same way if the dead are to be alive, they must rely on something or someone else for resuscitation. The Gospel of John gives some understanding of God’s mighty work and great love and mercy in regards to bringing dead, blind and depraved souls to life so they might have life and eyes of faith.

There are two types of people in life, those who have been saved by the Grace of God and those who are not saved. Are you saved? This is the question that we should ask ourselves daily. Is Christ your treasure, is He your all sufficient, satisfying everything or are you looking to make off with something better? Does your heart yearn for another lover, a better life or more success? Do you desire to become something great in this life? Does the word of God bore you or are you disinterested in learning and growing? If you are able to answer yes to these questions outside of Christ being your all, then there are two truths: One, you are lost and have no relationship in Christ evidenced by your lack of passion and heart for Him and His word! Two, you are saved and are grieving the Holy Spirit and daily wonder about your salvation becoming more and more frustrated in life.

Either one of these situations are a type of death. Spiritual death in the first in that the judgment of God remains on you because you are not saved. Is God calling you to repent and trust in Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s cross? Are you grieving the Spirit and therefore have lost your joy, your hope and need to repent and come to the mercy seat? Come to Christ by faith today, no matter which place you find yourself.

The sad truth in everyone’s life is that even when we are fed and healed, we will be hungry and sick again. The only true hope is eternal life, everlasting hope that is found only the Gospel of Christ! God takes the dead and gives them life, he takes what is old and worn without hope and gives it new birth. May God do this work in your heart today. May we stop looking at the temporal and earthly or fleshly answers and begin to feast upon Christ as our eternal treasure, not our ‘map’ to eternal life.

John 1:9 The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world. 10 He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world did not know him. 11 He came to his own, and his own people did not receive him. 12 But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, 13 who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.