Theology:OnCall LIVE Questions. Here are the questions so far for tonight… come over and ask yours today or go to and we will take your question for next week.

  1. What does Christ’s blood represent in the new covenant?
  2. We are to honor our parents as believers, how does that look when they are unbelievers, hostile, or abusive?
  3. Can you also address a false baptism as when one is a false convert baptized in a false church?
  4. Would you consider doing book reviews?
  5. Does God God love all men and if so, how?
  6. Discuss the idea again of free will in salvation.
  7. Is it a gospel issue to believe that Jesus died for some, but not all people?
  8. How do we call our works “good” when Isaiah 64:6 calls his deeds filthy rags. Even our prayers are laden with sin. How do we say we do good works? I know the lord has us do things I just can’t call what I do as “good”.
  9. Don’t you need to know when you were saved because if you don’t and there are no criteria for assessing when it happened how can you with confidence know that you are presently saved?
  10. Why do so many people say you must make Jesus “Savior and Lord”?  How can you make him Lord? What does this mean? Can we “make” Jesus into anything?
  11. How should I as a pastor schedule and prepare my sermons? How do I know what I should teach and when?