Gossip Kills the Church:

Pastoral Accusations

Accusations against the pastor that are not biblical, done in a biblical way or are unfounded wreaks havoc on the local body causing distrust and suspicion. The person that does these things according to scripture should be immediately dismissed from the fellowship and brought under discipline if they do not arrest the behavior and make confession of their sin to the church immediately. 


“Gossip is murder and it comes in many forms. Accusing the pastor outside the bounds of Scripture can devour intimacy in the church.”

Gossip Kills the Church: Comparisons

Self Righteous Comparison

This type of Christian easily finds fault with others. They misunderstand that love covers a multitude of sin and they feel slighted if they find sin in the lives of others. By harping on such things, they become snared as stated above, and it becomes one of their greatest hangups. In reality, they forget the forest of logs in their own eyes and succumb to being spiritual police rather that spiritual siblings in need of Grace. This type of person doesn’t always gossip, but if they are left in this state, they will tell someone why they feel burdened: this is gossip. They forget that they don’t have the role or authority to deal with the sin in other’s lives because they have plenty of their own. 


“Gossip is murder and it comes in many forms. Self-Righteous comparisons hold people to standards that we do not meet or hold to ourselves.”