Gossip Kills the Church:

Pastoral Accusations

Accusations against the pastor that are not biblical, done in a biblical way or are unfounded wreaks havoc on the local body causing distrust and suspicion. The person that does these things according to scripture should be immediately dismissed from the fellowship and brought under discipline if they do not arrest the behavior and make confession of their sin to the church immediately. 


“Gossip is murder and it comes in many forms. Accusing the pastor outside the bounds of Scripture can devour intimacy in the church.”

Gossip Kills the Church: Comparisons

Self Righteous Comparison

This type of Christian easily finds fault with others. They misunderstand that love covers a multitude of sin and they feel slighted if they find sin in the lives of others. By harping on such things, they become snared as stated above, and it becomes one of their greatest hangups. In reality, they forget the forest of logs in their own eyes and succumb to being spiritual police rather that spiritual siblings in need of Grace. This type of person doesn’t always gossip, but if they are left in this state, they will tell someone why they feel burdened: this is gossip. They forget that they don’t have the role or authority to deal with the sin in other’s lives because they have plenty of their own. 


“Gossip is murder and it comes in many forms. Self-Righteous comparisons hold people to standards that we do not meet or hold to ourselves.”

Gossip Kills the Church: Secret Attacks

Secret Attacks

These could look much like the above practices but with the intention of making problems or sin known to others. Secret attacks against another sibling in Christ is actually an attack on Jesus directly. It is birthed from a desire to make sure everyone “knows” about the sinner among us, or worse, that there is someone that is not living as they “say” they are living. It only takes a few days for this type of thing to get out of control and cause serious damage to the unity of the church. Not only is it demonic, it is intended to do damage. This is often seen in the local church when someone doesn’t feel right about something and begins to keep tabs, make judgments, and then spread such things. For example, they see a sister always coming in late to service, leaving quickly afterward and not engaging. They will begin to watch this person intently, each week, and make notes of her actions. Then they will assume that the sister is in sin because she is not setting the example of timeliness and in their judgment have decided that such should be dealt with, after all, this person teaches a bible study on Thursdays. So they begin to call, talk, pray for and make it known that this teacher should be called out for her lack of holiness. What the person doesn’t know, is that the devil has snared them. How? First, the devil has made them notice this, not God the Spirit. Second, their judgment is evidence of their heart: they have a problem, not a solution. Third, they intention is not even for the joy of their sister, but for her pain and correction. Fourth, they fail to know that their judgment is bearing false witness because they don’t even know the truth of this person’s medical condition, schedule, or the fact that she prays with the leaders before and after church. And quite frankly, it is none of their business. Busybodies are also murderers in the church. That’s another post.

“Gossip is murder and it comes in many forms. Secret attacks are viscious and always end in the death of intimacy.”

Gossip Kills the Church: Murmurs

Quiet Murmurs 

These are the small and subtle thoughts that plague the mind and end up on the tongue, text, private meeting, phone call etc. Even when prayer is the central motivation, the details and names of people are off the table. Yes, prayer meetings are often the largest gossip sessions in the church. There are the discussions about someone else without them being present. When the subject of any sin, rebuke or testimony is not the first to be informed, the one speaking on the matter is doing the work of Satan. Talking ‘around’ the subject of a conversation, concern or critique is one of the largest attacks that the enemy uses to destroy the intimacy of the church. If the local body would adhere to the word of God, they would find that anyone who participates in such practices in either the capacity of the voice or the ear, should be brought publicly to the church immediately. Public warning of division, which includes quiet murmurs, is found in many New Testament epistles. The general prescription is that if they do it after the second warning, they should be excommunicated from the church. Bear in mind that often times, this type of gossip is first done in ignorance with good intentions, but it needs to be corrected so that the church is protected from the deceit of the enemy.

“Gossip is murder and it comes in many forms. Quiet Murmurs are difficult to spot at first.”

Gossip Kills the Church: Muderous

Gossip is very tragic. It happens sometimes without awareness but it is always rooted in a sinister heart and used in sinister ways to divide and destroy relationships in the body of Christ.

Understanding the ways in which gossip invades our lives is the first step in recognizing it. The Scripture provides the remedy and forgiveness is always available as is reconciliation between the brethren.

“Gossip is murder and it comes in many forms. Quiet Murmurs are difficult to spot at first.”