Theological truth is necessary. Often people who disagree with Scripture will try to “win over” others by their use of scripture out of context or presupposed from a traditional point of view. This podcast talks about those verses that are often used in isolation to “disprove” Sovereign Grace aka, the Gospel of Grace.


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What is Apologetics?

In our most recent episode of TheologyAnswers, Edward and I discuss the necessity and purpose of Apologetics. So often today the culture takes the Biblical teaching of “defending the faith” and replaces it with politically correct relativism or bullying. Others feel that if they are able to convince someone of the validity of the faith through philosophy, evidence or other means that one can find salvation. Scripture teaches that salvation is of the Lord and comes only through the HEARING of the Word of Christ. Therefore, our apologetic methods and purposes must point to these things, even when we are defending against error, heresy, or the cults, we must utilize the context of Scripture in order to see the Lord work divinely in the lives of those we teach.

“Always be ready to give a reason for the faith.”

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