He also told this parable to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and treated others with contempt: (Luke 18:9 ESV)Assumption Rant

Assumption is sin. I am absolutely convinced that assumption in the heart of a Christian is one of the largest sins to invade their lives.  The center of assumption is bearing false witness within one’s heart about another.  We all do it, we’ve all done it, and many of us will do it again in the future.  So what makes it a sin and how do we combat it?  Assumption normally comes from what the mind “feels”.  Even when based on some evidence of words or actions, it is necessary to have wisdom in making judgments on a person or situation.  Failing to be wise, especially in truth, is either highly prideful as if we know all things, or highly wicked as if we don’t care about truth.  While assumptions are normative in our lives things related to weather, society, etc., when we assume others are a certain “way” based on external similarities, we are indeed murderers at heart.  Murderers?  Well, if our assumptions are that certain people are evil, wrong, misled, devilish, untrustworthy, unable to change etc., then yes, we are murderers.  This is especially true when we haven’t obeyed scripture in the slightest to talk, pray and reason together or to encourage one another.

Enough of the vague rambling, let me get to the point.  In the circles of theology and doctrine, it is very easy for the self-righteous and the guardians of truth to find fault with everyone else.  And it’s equally easy for that same person, who has several forests in their eyes, to “think” they see a speck of dust in another’s eye that they can’t even see for the hedges blinding them.  (Even if they did see the speck or the log, they have a responsibility to help remove it, not be judgmental.)  The point is that each of us knows a person, a pastor, or a so-called friend who makes accusations about a conversation, or worse, makes a judgment based on conclusions instead of seeking the truth.  If we peeked through the lens of Christendom we would find what many would call erroneous doctrine in every circle.  Calvin believed that paedo-baptism was good and biblical; A.W. Pink was apostate by disobeying God’s command to “not forsake the gathering”; Spurgeon smoked like a train and suffered from depression to the point of self-pity, and the list goes on and on.  So, the perfect “Christians” of this world feel it necessary to point out all the bad things in so many people to the point that they themselves have become like god… sound familiar? (See the fall of Satan.) It’s also very ironic that so many who have the standard are more disobedient that the ones they judge. [I add this edit – 2017- that though I use examples of well-known bible teachers of history, I do not necessarily endorse their theology.]

In the end, the essence of such thinking eliminates the gospel altogether.  Let’s put the voice in the right perspective: If we think that we have the end runs on biblical understanding we are deceived.  If we think that we are more careful than others in our holiness, then we are deceived.  If we think we are better off without the body of Christ, we are deceived.  If we think we have the authority to personally divorce ourselves from each other, then we are deceived.  If we are deceived on all of these things, then how in Heaven are we not deceived about everything?  Well, here’s a kicker: when we are right in our interests, our studies, and even in our wisdom and are not investing these things into the body of Christ, we are rebellious and ultimately have no hope in the gospel that we claim has saved us.  When we think that the family is superior in its temporal reflection of the church’s eternal glory we have lost sight of the cross. (Until death do us part… not the church brethren.)  When we think that we should not invest our time and learning into the life of the church for her good and growth, we are deceived.  When we continually find ourselves in fear, paranoia and panic over the infestation of error, we are deceived and according to Hebrews 6, there remains no more sacrifice for sins.  (What??? Yes, the sin of assumption, doubt, fear and the like are just like the sins of unbelief because that is what they are.) Scoffer’s make light of such things by childishly arguing, “The Spirit gave me this understanding.”  That may be true, but when the Spirit of God teaches His people it ALWAYS is congruent with the whole of Scripture. So, those who claim that the wisdom they hold in their judgment is of God while ignoring the scripture, they are indeed being led by the spirit of evil.

The final outcome of this aggravated rant is to expose my own futile and sinful dogmas that leech the very life out of my soul when I worry.  God’s people, His true people will work through the darkest of days and be PATIENT… those who just leave, divorce themselves from the fabric of the body of Christ, divorce from the living Christ and the salvation of Christ and the hope of Christ.  “Well, I don’t need the church to be saved…” one has recently said to me.  “You’re right… you are the church if you are saved… so be her and live as she WILL live.”  Spending hours each week in the letter of Jude has been refreshing and uplifting as well as empowering and convicting.  Sometimes I believe that those who “have crept in unnoticed” are not those with wild heretical doctrines, but those with SUBTLE LYING practices that deny the power of the gospel in their lives.  They are those who feel the fear of cultural high-roads that they desire to enforce on others while pushing the sheep of Christ into a box of legalism and demonic ideals as if a Pharisee. This can also be witnessed with the continued personal discussions, blog posts, videos, cards, letters and emails that proclaim all the evil of the world when the so-called “devil” they point to is not even aware.  If a redeemed soul really loves Jesus Christ, then he would certainly want to make disciples of those who have been misled.  No, but instead this would-be disciple would rather assume the worst, hate another, and fear instead of love.  He would rather make up his own mind and allow the lie to be the banner rather than the cross.  He would rather be known as the heralder of caution than the heralder of hope.  He would rather gather himself a following of graceless goats than get dirty with Jesus who bled and suffered for the sheep.  Do not be deceived, all who cause division among the body will be corrected; either by the body in grace and forgiveness or by Christ who will cast them into the lake of fire.  I am glad to know that no sin can place me into the depths of hell and more glad to know that Christ has empowered us all to walk in Him, against the flesh which is crucified in Christ.

Love demands giving and growing for the sake of each other.  So where is the body of Christ?  Let’s see…. Here’s a thought: Do YOU speak of others the way Jesus speaks of you to God the Father?  What if HE spoke of you the way you think and speak of others?  It would be a different story for you and your eternity.  After all, JESUS knows the real you.

For His Glory by His Grace,

Pastor James


Caveat: If you think this rant is about you, you may very well be one who has been deceived.  Stop thinking so much about your feelings.  However, if you are guilty of such things, let the grace of God abound to you as you come boldly before His throne.  While there are many many circumstances and individuals who could pave this over their own issues in life and ministry, this comes from the direct study of God’s word in Jude and is expounded from continued persecution toward the body of Christ by many who profess to be the same.  Just rest in God’s grace beloved as we fight the good fight until we receive the crown of righteousness.