Love is a term that many people use without meaning or purpose and sometimes it is assigned the wrong definition. God is love and His love toward His elect is a decisive action unto their eternal life, redemption, forgiveness, etc. I want to encourage you to think on this Love of God this year… this day… right now.

There is never a day when I don’t have some sense of a spiritual struggle. Even in the best of days, the enemy is at work, my flesh enjoys the ride, and the Spirit within is at war. Thankfully, I don’t have to come to rest in my struggle in order to be assured and secure in Christ; he’s done that work in my place. But there are many things that I have noticed cause a worse struggle within, namely, some of the things I put into my mind at times…

There is no room for a “close” gospel, and according to Paul in Galatians, any iteration of the gospel that is not pure on both sides is a false gospel. Therefore, those who hold as their hope these nuanced gospels are to be understood as having not been converted as they do not have the truth.


The bible and the brethren are essential “legs” of the Christian’s life. Without ONE of these, there is no real or tangible way that any believer will be healthy and growing. Think about this for a minute, and remember, these thoughts are for your perusal, for your thinking… are you listening?

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