The bible and the brethren are essential “legs” of the Christian’s life. Without ONE of these, there is no real or tangible way that any believer will be healthy and growing. Think about this for a minute, and remember, these thoughts are for your perusal, for your thinking… are you listening?

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Evangelism is the PURPOSE of most religious groups in the world. The Christian faith surely should be actively involved in reaching God’s lost sheep with the gospel of grace. But the methods employed most of the time are not necessarily good or effective. What does Scripture say? This brief thought is just to jar our minds and get us thinking as we look to the future of this topic. We can either trust God’s word or we can’t. That is the simple truth of evangelism.

Reading books is something I LOVE. And for the longest time, I hated reading anything but Scripture… or comic books as a kid. (And the season read through of encyclopedia sets). OK, I have always loved to read, but only what I loved to read. To the point. I get questions related to what books Christians should be reading nearly every week. So, my thoughts, in brief, is that we should be reading the Bible more than anything else. If I spend an hour reading other material (even about Scripture), I should be reading the bible three times longer.

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