1. (4:10) What do you do with a teacher in the church who abuses his spouse when the church has given him a pass?
2. (19:06) What does the Bible teach about family planning and birth control? Are these matters of conscience? 
3. (32:23) In light of this severe inundation, how do we choose for whom and what to pray? Is there a scriptural way to prioritize and/or “choose” for whom and what to pray?
4. (44:02) If being with a biblical church requires you to relocate when does resisting that become sinful?
5. (51:34) What sin disqualifies a man from the eldership permanently? How about prior to salvation?
6. (53:44) Can you please explain empiricism and evidentialism.
7. (55:29) My question goes along with the one you’re currently answering when you seemingly don’t have a church near you that lines up exactly with what you believe to be biblically true theologically, how do you decide where to attend? What do you look for in a new church when you leave to a new area?

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