We’ve finalized a wonderful week in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is faithful and true and able to make all manner of mess gloriously resolved!

Thank you all for being patient with us this week. We will not be having Theology:OnCall this evening but will pick up in the morning with all podcasts.

  • Daily “Are You Listening?”
  • A New “Straight Outta Context” on Old Testament allusion.
  • A new “Theology Answers” on the verses that normally are used against sovereign grace doctrine.

Please continue to pray for us as we trust in the Lord for several pastoral issues that we’ve dealt with this week and pray for my bride who has been ill this week, as we await some test results, that we can find the answer to some medical issues.

Lord bless! Thank you again for hanging with us in patience and thank you for partnering with us in prayer! Please take this time to consider the sermon from this morning posted below and GraceTruth Church. AND as always, post your questions throughout the week, we will hit the ground running in the morning!!

With all the affection of Christ!

Pastor  James 

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