Mustard seeds and mustard stains!

One doesn’t wash out and the other is big enough for eternal life. Saving faith in Jesus Christ stands alone and has no other life-line. To truly believe in Jesus for salvation means that one doesn’t hold fast to anything else.

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“There is no plan B – No backup option when it comes to faith.”

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2 thoughts on “A Large Faith is Not Necessary | Daily Ep 63 | Are You Listening?

  1. Scott Doran says:

    Good podcast James! I do have a question in regard to salvation and obedience. Jesus says in John 14:15 “If you love me, you will obey what I command.’ -NIV (84) Is obedience required to be saved? Can you be saved apart from “living” or “walking” in/with the Lord? People argue that with me, that if I’m not “walking” with the Lord then I’m not saved.

    This was a topic in the email I sent. If you’ve already answered it there then I’ll wait to read it.

    And thanks for opening up the comments so us non facebook people can interact.

  2. James H. Tippins says:

    Scott, I’ll answer that this coming Sunday night directly. I have discussed it for years, but it’s worth a live answer. I have many thoughts on your email(s) and am considering doing a longer podcast on pastoral “blues”, calling, and assurance. Maybe we can collaborate on the subject matter.

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