The Sifter of Heretics!

Is not your title, nor your job. Regular interaction on FB and social media platforms have become a demonic breeding ground for mean-spirited and arrogant controversy under the guise of “truth” proclamation and “correction.”  Teachers have a clear message and mission found in Scripture and they would do well to heed it and quit being so rude.

Do you want to teach? Then you must teach as God has commanded. You are not Jesus and you are neither Peter nor Paul. You are to be nothing. No name, no fame, and for the sake of our God in Heaven, you are not needed in this fight. You must be patient and KIND to all people. You must have the heart of a teacher and be willing to learn. You don’t know anything much less anything. God can take the dumbest man in the sack and give him insight into the divine through Scripture by the Spirit. Get to work proclaiming, and be honest. Lying is the biggest problem of it all. You talk, interact, and most of the time it is from a satanic assumption that is from your flesh. As for me, I pray you hear. I want to teach the Scripture to you and learn from you. But these things have really iced the cake of division. No thank you, I don’t care for a slice.

“You mama is so heretical the devil ran to tell Jesus. We don’t want this type of cake folks.. oh and it’s a lie.”

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