The social sphere is all stirred with the news of Stephen Hawking’s recent death. Those in the science, physics, and atheistic communities are showering his life as a major accomplishment of research and logic while others, some in these same communities, seem to be harping on the ‘click-bait’ worthy idea that now the grand atheist is no longer an atheist. Before you surmise that I am just gaining my own ‘hooks’ in the sea of non-thinking mobile fodder, I wrote this article the day after his death and waited a week for its publishing. Also, my point today is to point to this ridiculous assertion that Hawking is no longer an atheist. He most certainly is. I also argue that he is no different than many professing Christians, cultists, Muslim and for sure, he’s no different than most red-blooded, right-wing, so-called conservative evangelicals who have mounted this news as an attempt to be a voice when they don’t have one. If anyone is to ever read this, it’s not because of self-promotion but by the Lord’s grace that we should all hear and heed the reality of our culture.
Professing Christians who do not believe in the gospel of Grace and worse, hate it when they see it are nothing more than professing Christian Atheists because they do not believe in the God of the Bible and they will not believe in the truth of His gospel.
BEWARE.  Hear and be saved.  By the mercy of God.