Just last week I was having a conversation with several people about the continued imbalance in the teaching of Billy Graham throughout his career as a circuit “evangelist”. Having personally ready every book written by Graham (until 2014) and listened to many, many of his messages I can only say that there is a conflicted message that he has purveyed since 1957 through present day. The message of Graham has been that there is a decision every man must make, that he must choose Christ because God desires all men to be with Him and be saved. He has further relegated the gospel message as one of universal assurance to the point that both pluralists and Universalist groups have embraced Graham’s teaching as their own. The message is akin to the message of Charles Finney, who I dogmatically regard as a “Devil-worshipping heretic”, who preached that man could persuade others to believe through many forms and means. This “father” of modern-day evangelicalism is actually the root of deceit of many generations. I pray that the gospel will be given teeth in our generation by the mercy of God, but without it being taught and preached rightly, we will never see it happen. For God only saves through the straight and clear teaching of His pure word, the pure gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation.  In our culture, every kind of so-called “gospel” is celebrated except the truth of Scripture because men love the darkness, just like Nicodemus in John 3, and they hate the light of the truth of Christ Jesus.  This sermon snippet is a selection from John chapter one preached May 14, 2017. In it contains a clear biblical teaching of what God has done and in itself is the pure gospel of grace. Lord have mercy.