I’m a book junkie, I admit it. And I have several titles that I will buy if I see them used or cheap no matter the condition or date. But I am NOT a ‘new’ book lover. If there is an old used hardback of a text that I need I will take it three times over a new printing any day. So, it’s a rare occasion when I see a new publication of an older book that impresses me at all. My current acquisition from Solid Ground Books is phenomenal and I just had to share it.

This edition of Pilgrim’s Progress is a beautiful reprint of the 1891 Edition and will surely be a reader and a treasure for my family for years to come. I grew up reading good and well-made books and the days of such artistry seems to be waning. This is not the case for Mike and his passion not only for well-made books but also for theologically sound books. Visit Solid Ground Books and take a gander and please pick your copy of this amazing edition today at a really good price!