This past weekend, we hosted a conference on Biblical Evangelism sponsored by Christian Soldiers Ministries in Fremont CA.  I have to say that of all the conferences in my life time, this one cuts the cake.  Not only was the fellowship and dialog divinely driven through the Holy Spirit, but the content and measure of God’s divine love was ineffable.

From the lectures on the cannon historically and theologically, to the understanding of God’s divine usage of common Greek during the first century began to paint an even greater picture of His grace than ever before.  It’s not just what God has done but the small details of how He has accomplished salvation for His people.

Join this with glorious proclamation of the gospel, a call to evangelize and some Greek lessons on the atonement you have a reason to burst into tears of joy for God’s immeasurable grace!

I want to encourage you to begin listening to these lectures and informal discussions at your leisure, they are truly inspiring and for His glory ALONE!

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