As we can now see, nothing happened. Why? Because God has never and will never reveal His judgment day to the world. It is not for the church to count the days and preach such things but the church has a call to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ!

This video is a good response to Camping’s prophesies. Let us pray for revival through the power of God and HIS gospel!

3 thoughts on “Harold Camping | Family Radio

  1. Those who expect and exploit riches for and from the ‘grace & gifts of God’ are like ‘whitened sepulchures’ (filled with bones)Matt 23:27! 
    Harold Camping is SCAMMING those who live in fear and dread because they understand NOT what true faith desires and expects.

  2. Sadly, Camping is not in for money.  He has spent much of his own money and sold many stations in the amount of over $100M for this latest campaign.  He REALLY believes he is right.  Delusional.  

  3. Frankandkathyh says:

    I am concerned about our brothers in Christ who made the mistake of believing the second comming of our Lord Jesus Christ could be predicted.  They will need our forgiveness and our support.  It will be on our heads if they are allowed to lose they’re faith just because of this.  Who are they and where are they that we may reach out to them with compassion and His understanding. 

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