The SBC National Convention hailed many facts and figures regarding the declination of churches, baptisms and other “measurable” fruit.  Dr. Ronny Floyd spoke as the leader of a task force that is charged with giving evaluation on the problems plaguing the convention’s churches.  While I don’t agree that repentance and vision will result in true conversion, I do agree with his words and am going to use this very statement as an opening for this Sunday as I am continuing to call out many idols every day.

“With rhetoric we bemoan our dismal baptism numbers, our declining and plateaued churches, and our economic selfishness. The casting of criticism has resulted in a caustic cynicism that just adds to our rhetoric and writings. We attempt to treat symptoms rather than the root issues of sin and carnality. The rhetoric needs to cease and the repentance personally and corporately must begin,” the Arkansas pastor said. “We need to repent of our sins and return to God.”

The Christian Post gave a good “overview” article on the issue, so mosey over there and give it a read.  While all of us want to see baptisms and salvation, we need to trust in God and get the church back on track for His glory and not on track so that we will get things moving again.

Christ is the highest treasure of the true believer.  This is result of the New Birth that comes through the Holy Spirit.  The fruit of regeneration is belief, faith and ultimately worship, not rote evangelism efforts.  Through the teaching of God’s Word, people are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone!  Nuff Said… just check out the article.

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