Pastoral Theology Is Needed

In a world of Noise…

Pastors need help. It’s part of the nature of the Lord’s purpose for the church to put pastors together for the sake of the unity and purity of the gospel of grace. Finding the right connection isn’t always easy. That’s where we come in. Pastor Tippins and others work continually with men who partner for mentoring

Knowing the truth must be followed by the question, “So what?” Just having sufficient knowledge ‘about’ biblical truth doesn’t mean one is prepared to lead others in understanding it. Scripture teaches us all we need for this (2 Tim 3:16-18), and we can often misunderstand the gravity of the call to teach others the depths of the riches of the grace of God.


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We need precision…

It’s difficult to know what how to listen in a culture full of information. Whether we know it or not we are all learning daily. If what we give our attention is not the truth, we can be deceived. In many so-called Christian circles, false teaching is rampant and the devil has more “bible” teachers than we could imagine. There is no such thing as “almost true” that isn’t a lie.

With A Clear Call…

Because we have a culture that yields to the most recent trend, it is important for the church to have ears to hear the clear message of any truth claim.  Proper ecclesiology, among many vital doctrines, is up for grabs. For decades the church has been the brunt of abusive and failed oversight. Namely, the resistance of Sola Scriptura in lieu of pragmatism and humanism.

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