The effects of constant turmoil can be burnout. I’ve experienced plenty in my life and in reality, I have “quit” the ministry many many times. The truth is though, I have never told anyone!  This podcast purposes to talk a little about the issue of ministry fatigue, its causes, its purposes and most of all, its remedy.

Scripture teaches all that we need to know about God the Holy Spirit but so many times professing believers have determined a different view of Him and also a different view of the Scriptures thereby denying the power and person of The Holy Spirit as God.

Our suffering as Christians is clearly a gift from God, a blessing and a way through which the Lord reveals His might to us. Consider this, rejoice in the pain and see the hand of the Lord.

Having five children is beyond an adventure! The moment I thought I had one figured out, I was floored by something new. When it comes to teaching a child about the faith we have to rely on the truth of Scripture which teaches us that God the Spirit teaches, draws, seals, etc. and that no amount of proving theology with children will make great differences.  Recently I’ve noticed that many children are taught generally about “God”. For this, I am very thankful but in reality, without the explicit teaching of Jesus Christ, there is no real learning of God. Scripture teaches that no one has ever seen God, but the One and only God who sits at His sides makes Him known. John’s gospel continues to illustrate that Jesus Christ the Son is the fullness of the Glory of God visible. Paul would teach the same to the Colossians when He says that in Jesus the fullness of deity dwells. It may seem like I’m splitting hairs however, Scripture’s teaching on this matter is clarifying. 

When someone learns of God and not of Jesus the Son they are learning in part about the Most High. This partial understanding is delivered through the lens of the Prophets and writers of the Old Testament to whom God spoke and gave His oracles. Learning these things are able to make one wise and to provide salvation. (2 Tim 3) The matter is particularly important because, without Jesus, there is no knowledge of God intimately. While nature can show many things and according to Scripture, it can show the handy work of God, it cannot reveal God in a revelatory manner conducive to redemption. Only Jesus, the God-man, the Son of God and God the Son can make Him known.

So, when we teach children about God, even from the pages of the Old Testament stories, we need be very certain that we talk about the God who makes God known, that is Jesus the Christ. 

Discipline is one of those terms that for most people creates a negative feeling. After all, isn’t discipline punishment? This podcast will discuss a brief look at the necessity for church discipline as a corrective promise, not a punitive coercion. Church discipline is how the Church handles problems, disputes, error, false teaching, and sinful behavior. Most of all, church discipline’s primary purpose is to prove those who are in the faith and those who are not, no matter their profession, church discipline will establish a judicial expression of God’s sovereign election.

  1. Discipline is commanded by the Lord
  2. Discipline is corrective by the word
  3. Discipline is private and public
  4. Discipline proves her are the church. Those that stay in fellowship vs. those that do not.
  5. Discipline is exercised only on the matters commanded by Scripture: Violations of Doctrine, Unbelief, Sin against another, judgment hearts, willful disunity, abandonment, pride, being unkind, harsh words, self-righteousness, bearing false witness, covetousness and any other sin listed and revealed by the Scripture that causes disunity and harm to the church.   
  6. Discipline in the end for the church is purifying; for the lost, identifying.

This podcast serves several purposes. It will encourage in the faith (hopefully) and gives some thoughts about matters related to the bible. Most of all, it will keep pressing you to hear the scripture, and read it. Our larger podcasts are under production and we are happy to know you’re joining in.

Coming Soon!  

Straight Outta Context – A podcast that looks at often misunderstood and abused textual interpretations and reveals the truth of what the Bible actually teaches.

The teaching of Paul is constantly that the Lord’s servant must be humble, quiet, not given to argument, debate, aggressiveness, etc. The acting on either side of the fence is deplorable to me: those who feel they must “look the part” and “say the part” of either the soft or hard versions of a pastoral culture. Scripture shows what a man is and a man is one who is able to gently and humbly speak the truth so that God is glorified in the message and the power behind the message, not us.

It appears that the death of Billy Graham has brought out a type of worldwide idolatry masked under the guise of appreciation. I won’t speak to Graham but I have to speak to the matter most disturbing relating to the authority of what Scripture teaches. If one holds to the sufficiency and efficacy of Scripture as the arbiter of truth, the full revelation of God, and the place by which they find the gospel of grace, then I must object to this overwhelming bandwagon of foolishness concerning “other” means of salvation. Scripture teaches that God’s word is profitable for teaching, that it is the message of the cross of Christ and His atonement (that is the gospel), that it is the Power of God unto salvation, and that those who do not hold to its authority and message are condemned already because they do not believe on the Son of God.

Paul teaches in Romans that God uses the preaching of the gospel by the power of Spirit in order to bring regeneration and that no man can come to trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ without this working of the Spirit. The point being that if Scripture teaches this and so many who profess to be “in Christ” are refuting this in favor of a kinder, more gracious God who would not “condemn” a man because of his lack of hearing, then to what end are we able to believe in any portion of Scripture?

We must hold the full Witness of God through the Scripture to which we would all do well to pay attention. Even the personal testimonies of the Apostles were not the authority of the revelation and message of Jesus Christ. Peter tells the church to listen to the Scriptures through which God will save them and secure them. Paul tells Timothy that the Word of God is able to make one wise and the means of salvation. What a glorious truth! Listen to the word of God, listen to the Scriptures and reject anyone who tells you that there is salvation found through any other medium!

A mission field is a place where the gospel is not preached and should be. The local church of American Christianity is one of the greatest mission fields in the world!