I would take the half our and watch this video showing a relationship between the holocaust thinking and justification of Nazi Germany and the current “freedom” and “legal” abortion system in America.


Caveat: Please go HERE and contemplate the gospel. We hold to a sovereign grace that enables a man, woman or child to repent and believe. This is not something that man can do on his own, it is by grace, not of works.

4 thoughts on “Hitler and Jews vs. Choice and Abortion

  1. Tom, thanks for stopping by.  I would love to engage on your thoughts.  What about my linking to this video for review causes you to say that “we” are scared and hiding.  Are you referring to our belief in scripture?  Thanks.

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    Interesting video, i can see logically what the man was trying to do when he was making the connection between unborn children and nazi germany but i find it hard for that argument to make an impact on me emotionally, from an emotional standpoint even though he was making sense his argument still felt like a stretch. Essentially i have been raised with the idea that abortion is normal as clouds in the sky.
    I was not exposed to any arguments against it. I think its hard to challenge that thinking, if children are not exposed to those ideas as early as they receive information that its okay. I think that in these days and times we are increasingly taught to compartmentalize our thinking, so that how we think and teach our children is only influenced by our religious beliefs under certain circumstances. Even though many of the people who taught me about abortion were religious themselves they made no objection, this sort of “there is a time and place for that” mentality sort of absolves people mentally of their obligation to follow their beliefs in every facet of their lives. Sort of like when someone in a type of authority screws you over and says afterwards “im just doing my job”. Nowadays there are a lot of christians who identify themselves as such but also say “im not religious” which should be an oxymoron but somehow in manages to be a norm. I do understand the argument against abortion and sympathize with those who believe it wrong, but i would be lying if said i thought it wrong, especially in cases of rape. I also believe that china is a early indicator of things to come, where the population is overwhelming and birth restrictions and abortions are necessary rather than optional, i think sooner or later we are going to all be in a similar boat especially with the population just recently hitting 7 billion. 50 years ago that population was 3.13 billion. 

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