Just so you know I have continued to write, almost daily over the last year, however, I cannot ever come to the conclusion of my thoughts.  Thus far, I have written volumes of open-ended thoughts and statements that if compiled would amount to about $5 worth of firewood.  So I guess you could say that I have been blogged down…

Being blogged down is not that bad of a thing but I must say that my expectations of writing has become beyond my ability to pen words.  So, I have to do one of two things:  stop writing and close down my site or just let this be a reflection of my thoughts and forget about the depth at this point.  I have not made up my mind but will tell you that there are many “projects” in the near future that may change the gears of this entire site to begin with.

My calling and passion is to preach the Gospel of Christ and shepherd the flock (these are not one in the same but essential to each other).  So all of my focus must remain on these things first in my home and then in the body of Christ.  As I continue to write, don’t expect much and don’t expect often but do expect focus.

Be blessed as you continue the journey God has set before you and know that His grace is enough.  Cling to the Son of God and push this world away.  Don’t divide your time into such pockets of worldly flavor that you lose your legacy and the Kingdom sight.

Paul tells Timothy that good soldiers do not get entangled in the affairs of life or “civilian pursuits”.  The people of God are to be about the business of the Father and should lay down their lives, their retirement plans, their dreams and live each breath for the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Embrace suffering and know that God’s elect are those who by faith endure until the end.  The church is the fruit of the holy spirit and the blood of the lamb, let us live Him and love Him and be the body that is truly walking with the head of our Lord!

Solus Cristos


2 thoughts on “Blogged Down

  1. James H. Tippins says:

    Thanks! We need prayer and we are praying for you as well. That was a fast response, this blog must be on your speed dial! 🙂

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