As the LU, Dr. Caner saga continues to unfold, the amount of heat placed in the direction of Alpha Omega’s founder, Jim White, is amazing.  Dr. White writes a simple outline of the current issues at hand concerning Dr. Caner.  Find it here. Dr. Caner has given a very humble and precise answer to these claims.  Find it here.

Through it all, we should be praying that men of God will come to a place of integrity and that when this issue is “exposed”, that forgiveness and repentance will remain foundational as the gospel expects.  However, if this shedding of light exposes something and repentance is not the outcome, one must consider the words of John in his first epistle about brotherly love.  A true lover of his brother does not allow sin to run unchecked, especially when the ministry influence of these men are so wide.

May God be glorified in the truth of this matter and may the people of God truly be humble, forgiving and honest.  I pray that in the future, these two men, of whom I respect for different reasons, will be able to take their debate to the level of scholarship afforded in their roles.  I still would love to hear a scholarly debate over the issues of the doctrines of grace and standard evangelical theology.

Staying stupid… soli deo gloria – James Tippins

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