After years of seeing the actuality of false information flying around the blogosphere and the ignorant and damning attacks on brothers in Christ in reference to Dr. Jim White VS. Dr. Ergun Caner, it’s time that the “rules of engagement” be called on to be followed by their creators at

“Comments that question the character or motivations of any individual are likely to be deleted. Commenters who persist in attacking others rather than dealing with issues risk being banned from commenting.”

“We ask that you link to evidence of claims you make. We will not allow this forum to be used to spread gossip. If you make a specific claim that cannot be validated, your comment is likely to be removed.”

Interesting, and I’ll keep this short, that questioning the character and/or motives of an individual are not allowed in the comments, however, the authors, such as Tim Rogers, are allowed to use language that aligns brothers in Christ with “Jim Jones” references and “muslim” radical ideals who attack and “dare” to question things that are not sinful to ask.

I won’t get into the details of this issue but you are free to read them yourself and see what might come of such things.  Bottom line for me, stand behind your own rules and principles and be people of character who humbly give account for their actions.  FBC persons call for direct factual evidence to stand behind issues, but then they call men like James White “unbelievers” and “liars”.

“Please note that any believer that calls into question the truth of the Drs. Caner background and degrees use the research of Muslims (those who have a reason for perverting the truth) for their documentation.”

What?  How about the personal dialog and first hand expression of actual talking, not hear-say… sirs, this has to stop and I am going to make sure this message is sent to the people who need to make it stop, the pastors of the churches who support the sickness of the SBC.

Quit standing behind the facade of the Southern Baptist Convention, which is NOT THE CHURCH, and become men of God who give a reason for their hope instead of the clout for their pride’s sake.

See how this sounds?  Doesn’t feel good in the face of truth does it?  It’s time that each man becomes a man and does what is right.  Going on 36 hours without sleep, so my brain is washed away and I will revisit this very article in the morning after some prayer and sleep.  I might have to realign and organize my words, but I can say truthfully, that this has gone too far on the part of the SBC hiding their prize fighters who really have never stepped into the ring.

Soli Deo Gloria!

3 thoughts on “SBC, what is that anymore?

  1. I know, I have talked to many last week that are fed up with the lack of integrity in the SBC right now and the lack of the Gospel at the center of the convention’s vision and mission.

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