This is a video response by Dr. White of Alpha Omega Ministries to an interview with Dr. Caner.  As a Liberty Affiliate for five years and with many students who attend there, I think that this information needs to be out in the open.  When we speak, we need to speak with the authority of Scripture, not experience, ideals and arrogance.

“I like very informal ones. Formal debates have been taken over a lot by myopic Reformed guys, uh, they try to turn it into these little, uh, show ponies, it’s like the Jerry Springer Show, basically, and there’s really not any real discussion going on, there’s rolling of eyes, its huffing and passive/aggressive garbage.” -Ergun Caner, 20:40 of The Pastor’s Perspective program, January 22, 2010.
(Then at a later point) “Any doctrine that diminishes the omnibenevolence of God, the fact that He loves the Muslim, and died for the Muslim to be saved, and has a desire for…any doctrine that diminishes that is not from God, it’s from the devil.”

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