Grace's baptismNothing swells a man’s heart than when his children saved by God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Last Sunday I had the privelage to baptise my second daughter. (Cady was baptised last fall) Grace’s little heart is so sweet and her story of salvation is just as awesome.

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A few months back I went into Grace’s room to check on her and she was crying. When asked why she was upset, she said that she was a sinner and was going to hell. Of course a five year old giving this explanation was a bit shocking so I pried a little more. Cady, her older sister came to faith at a 1:30 AM youth event in South Carolina a year before and had been sharing her ‘salvation’ experience with her sister. Cady had given a basic explanation of sin and Christ’s redemption for our sin on the cross and the response was that Grace was now dealing with Godly Gracesorrow.

I asked her why she was a sinner and she began her list: “Lying, hitting, disobeying, talking back and choking people!” Choking people huh? “Yes daddy, Cady chokes people and that’s a sin.” A little humorous but her heart was broken and her sin was real to her. I asked her what she wanted and she sweetly replied, “To be forgiven and go to Heaven.” So in her own little words, she expressed the need for Jesus to be her Lord and to forgive her of her sins and thanked God for allowing her to be His child and come to Heaven. A few weeks later she began to talk about baptism.

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That day was last weekend and it was the second child I have been able to baptise. Grace’s reason for baptism was simple, “I want to show everyone that I am saved and Jesus is my boss.” Why is it that most of us ‘old’ folks can’t get that? It’s like the words of Christ, “Unless you become like little children, you cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.” IT is that simple understanding of truth that children have such an advantage over us. Our dependence on Christ should be whole and pure.



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