thristing after god

Growing in the Lord seems easy enough. “Let’s just learn about Him and we’ll know Him right?” You can know more about God by knowing Him more but just learning doesn’t build relationships.

The primary goals and function of the local church is to evangelize the lost, equip the saved, and exalt the Savior. These should give us clear picture of how the church should live and give us a measuring stick to see how well our business is doing. In our ‘recon’ post a few days back, we looked at discipleship and the primary method that causes our growth in God.

In order for us to grow as disciples, our thirst must be after Christ, His Word and the Cross. To avoid the pain and suffering that comes from an unhealthy church we must first decide that we are going to become stronger and be able to stand against the schemes of the enemy. Without a foundation of spiritual growth and passion for God, we are like dust in a whirlwind trying to make a straight path out of the confusion.

Churches all over America are trying to establish a way to ‘make’ disciples in a corporate setting. Unfortunately, there won’t be much success until holistically the leadership of churches realize that they FIRST must ‘thirst’ after God. Once these men and women take seriously their knowing God and being like Him, a fire will catch by those around them.

When lit, this flame will spread to the heart and all those who are part of a local body. So how do we thirst, you ask? My question is HOW can you NOT thirst. The living God of the Universe created you with a purpose to be in relationship with Him. Is that not enough? The living God of the Universe didn’t leave us in the pits of destruction and separation but provided salvation. Is that not enough? The living God of the Universe became NOTHING and died on a cross for us. Is that not enough?

What will it take for those who call themselves Children of the King to Love Him? I don’t think that can be answered outside the heart of an individual and I know that spending time with Him will grow our hearts closer. The Psalmist writes, “As the deers pants for the water, so my soul pants after You!” Is that your hearts cry? Are you able to live without the presence of God? Find your pant, thirst, hunger and desire for the Lord and you will find a foundation of strength when trouble comes.

The American Church would be an unstoppable force if ‘we’ just loved our God. (Matthew 22:37)download Third Man, The



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