Over the last ten years I have seen and felt the impact of an unhealthy church. A church that is sick is often deceived until the smoke clears and casualties are tallied; then the reality of a sick body is revealed. This series will deal with a few (althought there are many more) issues that creates a false unity and unhealthy environment.

  • Discipleship Scams – Believing that ‘making disiciples’ can be done through programming and classes. We’ll discuss that the preparation of becoming a disciple is 99% an issue of having a healthy heart for God.
  • Church Government – How should the local church be governed and who is responsible for holding the leadership accountable and to what? Learning to create a biblical form of church government is essential to keeping unity and health.
  • Effective Church Discipline – Love is found in discipline… without it, the church has no grounds. How should it be established and administrated?
  • Learning To Shepherd – What does it mean to be a shepherd? If you LEAD because people follow, then you are a leader, how should the pastor lead and where should he lead the flock?
  • Healing and Forgiveness – No matter what happens, we can’t allow ourselves to be put in a prison of unforgiveness. We’ll discuss how we allow God to heal and mend broken lives because of sick church experiences.
  • Focused Vision – Preventative medicine is essential. Without knowing where God wants a church there WILL be sickness. If there is a sick vision of administrative goals and quantitative dogma, you’ll also find cancer seeping into the body in a matter of years.
  • Anti – Diversity: This will take some time to review. The BODY should be unified in passion and purpose. We’ll define these two words and discover that ‘diversity’ and ‘buffet’ ministry is extremely harmful to the work of the CHURCH. (UPDATE 2/2016 – We were not referring to diverse people groups, but diverse “church” experiences)

Over the next few months, we’ll discuss some of these issues. Check out our Podcast (NO LONGER PUBLISHED)¬†for some of these topics.

UPDATE 2/2016: This podcasts were part of a startup that went under. If possible, we will attempt to post these in the near future.



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