push button faith

Her Best Move psp Street Racer film It’s funny sometimes that we try to push our faith and our relationship with God into a box of treats and treatments. We go along in life in love with Christ and joyful that He loves us and when we’re in trouble, we jump into the Bible trying to find the ‘answer’ that will fix our circumstances.

This is like getting up every morning and taking a pill for how you think and feel you are in health. For instance, you wake with a crink in your neck and wonder, “should I take radiation in case it’s a tumor or maybe I’ll go for the arthritis medicine.” You take pills until you get it right. Instead, you could just wake up, drink some juice, excersize, eat and be healthy as a lifestyle. That way when you are sick, you’ll recognize the symptom.

If we take spiritual health as an issue of priority, then we’ll be healthy and when the ailments come we’ll know what to do. Eating the Word of God daily is not for knowing about Him, but really spending time with Him.

Hiding God’s Word in your heart will empower your heart to recall it when needed. Stop trying to pick and choose the daily ‘vitamin’ but dig in and keep digging.



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