christian healthA Child of the KING! That’s what we are… nothing more (what else is there) and certainly nothing less. If you read or hear me on any occasion, you know that due to the weak meaning of ‘Christian’ I have stopped using the term in reference to ‘Christians’. All of my childhood, my grandmother would always refer to us a Children of the King and looking back, this gave me a very healthy understanding of “whose” I was. (Excuse the grammar)

So, as children of THE KING, what should our lives look like? What are our priorities when measured by the world and even the Western Church? Unfortunately, many people believe that a great ‘list’ of priorities should be: God, Ministry, Church, Work, Etc… When we really consider what God has called us to and how Christ established the hierarchy of life, we all need to take a step back and punt our priorities in the trash.

In order to be healthy, we have to understand what should be on the Throne of our lives and how to put Christ there on a daily basis. If we focus on being healthy personally, we will influence those around us and impact the ‘church’ as a whole in a greater way. When we are spiritually healthy, trials don’t knock us out of the game as easily.

A healthy life will have priorities that focus on health, availability and adoration to Jesus.

  1. Our relationship with Abba Father is the most important aspect of life and living. Without every second of our lives revolving around living life ‘with’ God, we will find ourselves wandering in life making choices based on our feelings, desires and the hearts of others. Quite honestly, we should not make this ONE but the paper on which we correct the rest of our priorities.
  2. Our relationship with God through obedience takes us to loving HIM as we stated in number one and then loving others. (Matthew 22:37) So who do we love more. When we take the SECOND priority in our lives, if we are married we have our spouse. Our ministry and service to our spouse is second only to God.
  3. Children are third in our life’s priorities. Leaving our children behind anything else but our spouse and God will result in a severe penalty, sometimes losing them to the world.
  4. Of course, if you don’t have a spouse and a family, move to this. Our MINISTRY to others. Our neighbors, our city and our world. NOT through the local church, but through our heart for God in obedience. This is the great commission… to MAKE DISCIPLES. It’s not the ‘congregation’s’ or the church leadership’s job to do this, but each of us individually. If we don’t know how, then our church is too busy on things that are sinful.
  5. Our jobs or living should rank somewhere in here, but we have to make sure that it is ALL done as to the Lord. This translates to whatever we do, we do for the priorities above. To ‘cheat’ our Father, Family or Faithfulness to the call is to forsake God’s will and direction for our lives.
  6. Nothing else. We have some hobbies, some activities, maybe some game play etc…. but they should all be done in respect to God’s priorities for us.

So what do we do with this? We need to make sure that we aren’t so busy in life and in ‘church’ to create a sick and cancerous body. Ever wondered why so many people ‘shop’ for churches? It’s because they are seeking what they don’t need. Being the body of Christ is our calling and our priority and very few congregations are putting this into focus.

Reaching the community to propagate illness is like being a bio-terrorist, whether we know it or not.

Staying stupid…



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