bibleNobody ‘loves’ to get called out on something they are not doing well. As a matter of fact, most of the time when someone brings a negative attribute or action to your attention it causes some feelings of frustration at best and most of the time it drives you to anger. Learning that a rebuke is not only healthy it’s also needed can help you in your struggle to control your ‘pity party’ mindset when the correction comes.

In a discussion with an associate earlier today we were trying to answer the question, “How can people truly be children of God and grow and how should WE (as leaders) respond to those who just don’t get it?” The interesting thing is that over the last year or so, God has been molding me into a real lover of people. Not that I haven’t had love for people, but most of the time that translated into a tolerance for some instead of a ‘laying down my life’ for them.

When those who ‘nag’ or ‘fuss’ come along, we should openly welcome the comment. If it is a warranted suggestion, we should be thankful that God used someone to help us along our journey and if it was not, then it is usually because of a perception issue. When the way people see things is not in line with how they should see them, then we have the privelage and the opportunity to ‘coach’ them toward the right line of thinking.

The rebukes will come and if we allow them to mold us, we will Grow in to the likeness of Christ. If we push them away then we will reduce our chances of being the people that God wants us to be and in turn be out of His perfect will. 2 Timothy 3:16 says, “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right.”

Why is the ‘easy’ to swallow when we read it following with a resounding amen but when it comes from another brother or sister, it yeilds a – betta mind yo bizness – attitude? The answer is easy: Lordship.

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Who is the King of your life? Of course as a child of The King, God is, but when rebuke brings an attitude it does reveal that we are carnal in some area of our lives. If we really love God then we will genuinely love others and want the best for them and their spiritual lives. It doesn’t matter what they think of us, our thoughts, our plans or actions. What does matter is that we forsake our thoughts and feelings on how others view us in order to place THEM on a higher scale than ourselves. If we want to be like Christ, we have to be lovers of souls.

Each person that God puts in our path have the potential to help sharpen us or we have the potential to sharpen them. Learn to LOVE rebukes and seek them… I feel that without the rebukes of life, we will never move closer in our relationship with God. The truth is just as others don’t respond to the Gospel, we don’t respond to the Word. We don’t get mad at those who reject the Truth because we say they rejected God, not us… so let’s keep that same focus when we are being rebuked by the Word even though it is coming from the mouth of some finite person on the earth.



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