When class begins you find yourself wondering how you’ll convict these pupils into living righteously and effectively in the Lord.  Being well prepared, you deliver the best lashing you can must realizing at the end that nothing much is different.  Finding the ‘right’ way to teach is an ongoing delima when trying to communicate a truth.

Although there is no secret weapon of teaching there are a few areas that can help you in your charge.  One of the primary focus points of ANY teaching is to ‘begin with the end in mind.’  Not the end of the world, but the end of the class.

An effective teacher will begin his or her study with an objective of what they want to accomplish in the end.  Is it going to be a final lesson to learn or require a thought for life change?  Sometimes I teach with the objective to leave an unanswered question in the mind of my students.  Starting to teach without an objective is like pouring tons of ingredients into a bowl and hoping something edible will pop out of the oven after an hour of baking.

“I don’t teach” you might say… “God’s called me to be more of a preacher.”  Semantics!  Preaching is teaching; don’t think they are different.  Jesus didn’t yell and scream and charge with a finger pointing rant and neither did Paul as a general practice.  Effective communication should be the goal of any man or woman called to be a prophet of God’s Word.  So start with a mission and stay on track.

We’ll look over the next few weeks at other key elements needed for good teaching skills.  Please, if you have some tips or comments, we cherish them.



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