Please excuse the title, if it offends too many, I’ll be sure to change it. An explanation is in order:

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Today’s ‘church’ in American is suffering from a professional fire that is melting the fabric of the body that should be holding the culture together. Living with the idea that we need to be the professionals tackling the concern of the church has overwhelmingly taken many congregations to the pits of destruction. Let me first define a few terms for you so that we can all be on the same page.

Church – Living body of the living God. Comprised of the children of God. The bride of Christ. A living organisim by which God makes the world aware of the Gospel through confirmation and the proclamation of the Word. (Too much to write, but you see I did not include a discriptive allowing for a location, building, or organization).

Professional – Someone who gets a job done at any cost. Someone who takes the task they are given and are more concerned with appearance often times than with the goals or objectives of thier mission. (In a general since, we are all professionals in the manner of ‘how’ we might reach the objectives… for this definition, I will show that the church should be cautious of this.)

Today’s church has become so concerned with the level of expertise that churches are beginning to recruit staff like the large corporations of the country looking to find the ‘superstar’ that can take them to the next level for the community to see them in all their glory. Yes, you DO want to find someone with a certain skill level and core competencies as well as finding someone with integrity, but you do not want to lose your vision for finding someone with a heart for God and His people.

Because of the desire to be corporate superstars within the body, we have seen the rise of the ministy leaders and pastors who are seeking the spotlight to such a degree that they actually have a ‘cost’ connected to their delivery of a sermon. I am not talking about someone receiving a love offering or honorarium, but to set a ‘price’ for admission to have a man deliver the Word is really something to be proud of… “I am a professional preacher and I make good money.” Can’t you hear it now?

All throughout scripture, God used the lowly, the poor, the young, the sick and unskillful to accomplish His will. I really know for myself that God can use a loser. I pray that no one takes that comment as self-serving, I really feel that way. As for the one’s who are willing and available… they can be SUPER LOSERS! God wants to use those who can’t so they will say HE DID.

As for my opinion, it’s stupid. For God’s word? Wise.  NOTE:  This is not an endorsement of NOT growing, getting better or sharpening our skills.



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