How in the world is that children don’t hear anything except what they want to hear? This weekend seems to have launched an epidemic of selective hearing in my house. Just this morning: Breakfast was interrupted by allowing the baby out of her high chair to climb on the table and pour out two bowls of cereal.

After dealing with the food fight, we divided and conquered moving two of the children downstairs and two upstairs. This seemed to work except that during a ‘rest’ stop the baby opened the trash can and poured out some tea from an ’empty’ jug onto the floor.

All the direction and coaching seems to go right out of the window when the stress of stress – stresses you out! One thing that I must always remember when my children are acting the way I DON’T want them to, is that they ARE in fact children.

My job is to try and keep my head and allow them the grace that God gives me… after all, I surely do my fair share of ignoring God’s instructions.

Soon, just like right now, my children are a wonderful blessing and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to coach them in righteousness for anything in the world. They really are a blessing from our Heavenly Father!



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1 thought on “Listen up…

  1. Well, all I can tell you is “this too shall pass”!!!! There are going to be days like this–so “count it all Joy”–sound familiar? Just thank the Lord for the whole mess.

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