Jamie PresslyI have heard it all. Jamie Pressly, Hollywood’s talking pretty, in an interview to E! gives her stance on marriage and children. Jamie’s wisdom includes the desires of children that she does not have. Basically, she believes that she doesn’t need marriage in order to have children first because, “kids, who know better than us, would rather have their parents apart and happy than together and miserable.”

What a sad commentary of stupidity… I’m not trying to bash Pressly but this is a reflection of a world view that is pushing the family into the history books. I have worked with children, families and teens for many years. Never in my life have I heard a child say they want their parents happy and apart instead of together and trying to work things out.

Sadly, the pure ignorance of Pressly’s statements show a lack of understanding on marriage in the first place. If your ‘girl’ or ‘guy’ who you lived with and lived life with gave the explaination that they really didn’t expect to be happy with you for a long period of time during their life, would you want to stay? Marriage is defined by a commitment and a covenant. Unfortunately, just sex and cohabitation has reduced the fibers of family to elements of a good roommate experience with benefits.

God’s design for the family and for parents is to LAY down their lives for a spouse and for children. It seems that the world would rather take advice from Hollywood than Holy Word. Sorry for the poor play on words… no pun intended here either!

Not even approaching the fact that if Pressly wants kids, she’ll need to hire an interpreter to allow her child to give her the go ahead for the plans of life. After all, they know better than we do.



2 thoughts on “Jamie Pressly's Parenting Wisdom

  1. Wow…obviously not the first tinsle-towner with this Un-Godly view of marriage…err lack there of, she needs a good dose of J Dobson!…such a sad thing to witness.

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