We need to begin thinking about the world’s view of us. Not that we are concerned with the world’s view of us as children of the King, but rather who they really see us in truth. The basic issue I see overall with the world, well at least all over my world is that the ‘church’ as most people call it is defined by the rules and ‘religion’ that are associated with the so-called church.

Making a statement like this in most conservative/orthodox circles would be reason for be-heading… thankfully most people’s swords are too dull to cut. I come in contact with real people everyday and over the last few years God has shown me a thing or two about how they think. In conversations with the world, I have come to realize that the world sees Christianity mostly as a place to go on Wednesday and Sunday, a list of regimented rules and CAN’T DO’s along with wierd traditions and wild stories of hypocrisy.

The Belly of an Architect dvdrip

So if this is the view the world has of the church, how can we truly make a difference in the lives of the world? We have to make efforts to change the view of who we are in the “church building” and show them that we live in the world and do indeed care about their lives. A few days ago the thought that God has a dream struck me with this idea: “Dream of THE Church in the World and NOT the world in A church.” I really feel that we have it all wrong in America and until we begin to live in the culture as children of the King, we cannot expect the world to have any interest in our beliefs.

There are too many BLIND SPOTS for the church right now that cause the people who need the message of Christ to look at the church in a very bad light. We’ll talk some more on this issue over the next few weeks. Look for A Time Wasted Podcast on this topic very soon.



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