God's Will

When you are seeking to get out of a dark hallway having just enough light is all you need to put one step in front of another. Knowing what God really wants for your future is very similar. The problem arises when we feel we need to have ALL the plan and every step in front of us before we are willing to follow God’s will. Dr. Ergun Caner stated that we usually pray in the wrong manner when we are seeking God’s will in the first place. We usually pray “Show me your will Lord and I’ll Go.” We should pray, “I’ll go Lord, now show me…” I know this seems like a play on words but it is really a reflection of our hearts and minds to a certain degree.

I have found for me, that when I am trying to discern God’s will it usually causes me frustration. I have recently discovered that frustration is simply sin… how, because if we are frustrated, it’s because we are carnal in a certain area (not giving control of that area to God’s Spirit) and are not content with GOD’S will for our lives at the present place and time. Who is our Lord? Who’s plan are we LIVING?

A friend of mine made the statement last week that he can see point “C” but not points “A” and “B”. This is how God works sometimes. He will allow us to see the blessings of His promises but doesn’t let us know exactly how we’re going to get there or when. Just like the Isrealites in the dessert for forty years, we have our wilderness to learn dependance on God.

Understanding that God will guide our paths and where we are is not a surprise to Him is more than fulfilling, it’s exciting! Remember to have Joy in the heartaches and be content in the Lord. He will direct your paths.



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